Sweater Coats


A sweater coat is the perfect alternative to a coat or a cardigan––something in-between that’s warm and light yet covers you amply. Not too formal, yet still elegant. Wear it when a heavy, bulky, coat is too much, and a cardigan just isn’t enough. (Have you noticed how small cardigans are these days? You can barely button them.)

When would you wear a sweater coat? Anywhere and everywhere! To the movies, shopping, the gym, on a cold plane. It’s great for travel because it folds up small to fit in a carry-on bag.

My buttoned version of the sweater coat is warm, elegant, and practical. It can be worn open or closed. The large patch pockets can hold your phone, keys, and shopping list—no big over-priced designer bag required!

My sweater coats are a simple design composed of panels: six each for the front and back, and three for each sleeve. The panels are sewn together with a four-thread overlock stitch for a strong seam and a neatly finished look. The raw edges and the patch pockets are finished with a purl stitch. I also add decorative hand stitching to the pockets using cashmere yarn, giving them a unique extra touch. You can’t see that in the photos but it will be noticeable when you wear the coat.

The coat is hand dyed after construction. The current version is available in black, grey, brown, and cream. It can also be custom ordered. Dress up your sweater coat with my brightly colored gloves, a scarf, and a beanie!

The fit of the sweater coat is relaxed for your comfort. It suits a variety of body shapes and sizes. Remember that cashmere garments are stretchy and can be gently coaxed to fit your specific shape. The coat is sized generously to allow you to wear layers under it.