Questions & Answers


Why cashmere?

For hundreds of years cashmere clothing has been loved by both men and women for its softness, warmth, and beauty. To create cashmere yarn and fabrics, the undercoat of goats is spun into a fiber that is fine, strong, light, and wonderfully soft––an ideal wool for cool-weather clothing and accessories. It is much lighter than sheep’s wool, and yet also warmer in winter and cooler in the other seasons––cashmere can be worn year round. It is soft enough for a baby’s blanket, softer even than lamb’s wool. 

Why recycled?

Why do we waste so much in our modern society? It’s really not necessary––so many things can be reused rather than thrown away. Properly cared for, cashmere can last a very long time.  I founded RYEP in part to show how a valuable luxury product can be repurposed to create limited-edition accessories for the fashionable and environmentally conscious person. RYEP is the only business of its kind, giving new life to quality cashmere. 


I am always looking for good cashmere, and I invite you to donate your no-longer-used or out-of-style cashmere sweaters for repurposing so that others can enjoy them as scarves, gloves, and hats.